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Big Data Drives Business Decisions

Computing power and storage have become cheap, and today we have the ability to record everything that is done online – from browsing to buying to chatting to tweeting. Thus there is a tremendous amount and variety of data that is being created and stored. Properly exploited big data can provide businesses and governments with more precise and immediate information to make important decisions affecting critical issues. 

Business analytics is the set of tools and techniques that makes it possible to translate big data into insight and information for efficient decision making. Professionals who are proficient in business analytics are in serious short supply and are very valuable to their employers. The job market for such people is huge and expected to increase every year for the foreseeable future.

The undergraduate concentration in Business Analytics has been designed to provide you with exactly these skills and make you competitive in this market. You will learn how to navigate the world of distributed storage and computing and learn how to use powerful statistical and mathematical techniques to arrive at implementable solutions to business problems.  

The emphasis of this concentration is on giving you practical skills. Throughout this program you will learn how to recognize the underlying business problem and the business implications of the solutions you propose. A capstone practicum will give you the opportunity to apply the skills you have learned to a live business problem in a real company.

Program overview

The MSU Business Analytics undergraduate concentration focuses on the development of practical skills. Course instruction is organized around solving business cases using real-world data sets. The Business Analytics Internship is a key component of the curriculum designed to prepare the students for transition to the industry.

We also offer an MS in Business Analytics program which consists of 10 courses (30 credits) and designed for full or part-time study and can be completed in 18-24 months.

What is Business Analytics?

  • Business Analytics is a way of making smart decisions using cutting-edge technology
  • It enables you to make effective decisions by drawing meaningful inferences from available data
  • Teaches you how to develop innovative approaches to solve 21st century’s business problems
  • Teaches how to communicate the findings and solutions in a visual, cogent manner

Why choose Business Analytics?

  • 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last 2 years
  • Data is the key asset to unlocking potential business opportunities for a company
  • Estimated potential value from data exceeds $300 Billion

Connect with the Business Community

Recent students put classroom learning into practice with internships in Sony Music Entertainment, Gucci, UPS, ADP, Prudential and many other organizations.

With a concentration in one of these areas, you will be uniquely positioned to use information technologies to manage core business functions within a range of business organizations. Our dedicated faculty is there to provide you with the analytical and qualitative skills you'll need to plan, develop, and deploy technology-driven business solutions.

Our programs are supported by real-world training. Easy access to New York City lets us offer internship and co-op learning opportunities that will support and enhance your classroom experience.   

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Secretary - Department of Information Management and Business Analytics
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