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Data analyst

Data analysts collect, study, and interpret data that is used to help an organization make better operating, staffing, marketing, or distribution decisions. They are also responsible for developing data collections systems and strategies that will make collecting higher quality data more efficient.


Business Analyst

Business analysts, working either as part of a large organization or as a consultant, are responsible for evaluating and solving business challenges. To accomplish this, they first collect and review data relating to the problem, and use this information to recommend and implement appropriate and cost effective technological solutions.


Business intelligence consultant

A business intelligence consultant help companies better organize computer data. The consultant will install new systems or update existing systems that will make analyzing data more efficient. They may also be responsible for training employees on the new system and following up with the business after implementation.


Risk analyst

A risk analyst is responsible for evaluating the risk of portfolio decisions, determining potential losses, and determining how to avoid losses using various investment decisions. They are also responsible for making recommendation based on analysis of the business environment and statistical reports.


Predictive modeler

Working in various industries, a predictive modeler will develop, implement, and maintain statistical models that will assist companies in identify trends and forecast.


Compliance reporting analyst

A compliance reporting analyst will monitor and report on how a company is abiding by pertinent regulations. They are also responsible for taking appropriate corrective actions when needed.


Data warehouse analyst

Data warehouse analysts gather and manipulate large volumes of data from a variety of sources, develop reports, and issue them to internal and external clients. Along with the development of the data warehouse, these analysts continuously monitor the warehouse and recommend improvement changes.


Performance management specialist

Usually working closely with human resources, a performance management specialist will oversee development and implementation of appraisal systems and key performance metrics. They will also generate and analyze reports relating to data collected.


Web analyst

Web analysts are responsible for developing analytical practices to support e-commerce with the main goal of bringing the right type of visitor to the site. Using the data gathered, a web analyst will make appropriate recommendations.


Marketing analytics consultant

These specialized consultants analyze large amounts to data to develop customer profiles, determine target markets, and segment that population base. They also analyze this data to make marketing decisions and illustrate the financial impact of these decisions.