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With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Concentration in Finance, you will be prepared for numerous career possibilities, including:

Securities Trader

Security trading involves developing strategies to buy and sell securities, including optimizing the operational aspects of trading. Securities traders also ensure that all transactions comply with established regulations.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers provide a broad range of services, such as counseling clients on investment opportunities and needs, mortgage application evaluations and underwriting, sales of other financial products and developing and maintaining customer relationships.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts research an organization’s financial status, including its history, risks and current expenditures and investments to assess its current and future value in the marketplace.

Financial Consultant

Financial consultants provide advice on everything from securities pricing and strategies for creating shareholder value to economic forecasts and business valuation.

Financial Manager

Financial managers direct investment activities, financial reporting and cash-management strategies at professional and/or government organizations.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance professionals help companies raise capital for operations and grow their businesses through mergers/acquisitions, astute financial planning and cash management strategies.

Financial Planner

A successful financial planner combines interpersonal skills with an understanding of investments, taxes and estate planning to help individuals plan for their futures.

Credit Analyst

Credit analysts analyze financial information to assess the risks of offering credit to businesses (commercial credit analysts) or individuals (consumer credit analysts).

Insurance Underwriter and Salesperson

Insurance underwriters assess the risks clients face using tools such as actuarial information, and determine appropriate premiums for insurance coverage. Salespersons use their interpersonal skills to market the insurance products offered by their firms.