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Since our campus is only 14 miles from New York City, you’ll find valuable job opportunities in major hospitality corporations in numerous areas, including:

Lodging Manager

Lodging managers oversee the day-to-day operations of hotels, motels, resorts, timeshares, assisted living and other properties. Positions in these operations include marketing and sales, catering and events, customer relations, front desk, housekeeping, budgeting and employee relations.

Resort, Private Club, Casino and Cruise Manager

Among the fastest growing segments in the hospitality industry, these segments offer opportunities for general managers and department managers to oversee room operations, catering and events, marketing, sales, food and beverage, golf operations, sports, entertainment and gaming operations.

Food and Beverage Manager

Catering companies, hotels, restaurants, convention centers, managed services and places where food is served all require managers who oversee operations which include beverage and bar management, culinary management, human resources, purchasing, customer service as well as financial tracking and inventory control.

Hotel and Restaurant General Manager

Whether they work for a hotel owner or for the executives of a chain of hotels or restaurants, general managers are in charge of all hotel, food and beverage operations. Responsibilities can include setting strategies, creating budgets for departments, expense control and staff hiring as well as setting and maintaining standards of customer service. General Managers may also be involved in hotel start-ups or the reorganization of existing hotels or restaurants.

Entrepreneurs and Owners of Small Businesses

The hospitality industry provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs or owners of small businesses. Individuals can build up and own enterprises like bed and breakfasts, motels, restaurants, cafés, catering services and beverage/bar operations. In the capstone course – Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Management – students design a business plan that is practical and prepare them to turn their ideas into a reality.