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With a BS in Business Administration and a Concentration in International Business, you’ll be prepared for numerous career possibilities, including:

Market Researchers

Market researchers obtain, analyze and interpret data on the factors and conditions that drive specific markets to aid the corporate decision-making process.


Export / Import Manager

Export/import managers analyze export/import policies, government programs and incentives, and tariff systems to choose export markets, develop an export program, set up export organizations, decide on export/import financing and set up compliance protocols.


Business Analyst

Business analysts assess the organization and design of businesses, government departments and Non-profit organizations. They also evaluate business opportunities in domestic and foreign markets.


Financial Analyst

Financial analysts assess securities, research investment and economic trends and advise those making investment decisions at the operating unit or firm level.


Project Manager

By drawing on their analytical skills, project managers in a wide variety of fields plan, organize and manage financial and staff resources to bring a project to completion.


Managers for Foreign tours and international events

Tour operators and event management companies seek international business graduates skilled In foreign languages, knowledge of cultures, geography, foreign exchange etc, to manage International sales and promotion, and logistics.  


International Buyers

By utilizing the web-based skills and the knowledge of international sourcing, international business graduates will find opportunities to work in the area of procurement and or sourcing at US and foreign MNEs