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Passionate about foreign languages? Equally enthusiastic about business? Interested in exploring new academic avenues that will provide the diverse skills to engage you in the global marketplace?

The new Bachelor of Arts in Language, Business and Culture is an integrated and interdisciplinary major offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Feliciano School of Business.

The innovative program combines intensive language and culture study (a choice of Arabic, French, German, Italian or Spanish) with fundamental business skills to prepare students for exciting careers both at home and abroad.

Majors explore the relevance of foreign language learning in a globalized world by honing target-language skills and applying knowledge to a range of business and professional-related fields. Students develop the hard and soft skills that employers seek: transferable soft skills, including intercultural competence, writing skills, oral communication, critical thinking and cognitive flexibility, and the knowledge base of international business, accounting, economics, finance, technology and cross-cultural business communications.

International Experience and Capstone Course

Fundamental to the major are experiential learning components—the required international experience and the capstone course—which offer undergraduate students unique opportunities to interact with organizations, businesses and governments and then to reflect critically upon these experiences.

The international experience may be fulfilled by a myriad of opportunities: study abroad experience, an internship abroad or an internship in the US with an international company, a faculty-led short-term trip abroad, specific courses with an international experience component, an experiential or cooperative learning course. In the capstone course, senior students undertake an individually tailored, faculty-supervised capstone project.


The Tri-State area is home to many vibrant and diverse industries, thousands of which are foreign-based companies operating within the U.S. These companies frequently seek or prefer bilingual employees. Majors will have a competitive edge pursuing careers in banking, customer services, marketing and promotions, human resources, management, administration, labor relations, finance, publishing, communications, international purchasing, international trade, translation, interpretation, as well as localization and internationalization specialists. A BA in Language, Business and Culture also prepares students for graduate programs in business, law, social work, technology, communication, language, linguistics and culture studies.

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