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Managers who are able to motivate and coordinate people effectively find career success in human resources, small businesses, retail and service industries, pharmaceuticals, insurance, banking, finance, hospitality, public and nonprofit organizations and government agencies. They occupy a wide range of positions, including:

General Manager

General managers have broad responsibility for all areas of a business or an organization, including overall strategic planning and the direction of a company.

Project Manager

Project managers in all industries manage teams of people to bring projects to fruition. Responsibilities include planning, organizing, managing, controlling and following through on all aspects of a given project.

Human Resources Professional

HR professionals manage a company’s hiring processes, including recruiting, interviewing and benefits administration. HR managers also develop hiring strategies, work to maximize employee productivity, boost employee satisfaction and maintain safe working conditions within an organization.

Business Analyst

Business analysts evaluate the structure of a business by looking at functional areas within the business, such as IT or sales and marketing. By critiquing these divisions, a business analyst helps discover ways to improve day-to-day functions within the organization.

Not-for-Profit Manager

Managers looking to “make a difference” often gravitate to not-for-profit organizations. By setting, communicating and meeting organizational and fundraising goals, the not-for-profit manager is able to establish and realize a not-for-profit’s vision.