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Program Overview

Job opportunities in sales typically grow at the rate of 8 to 9% per annum and ranks among the most highly paid entry-level positions. The undergraduate Professional Selling Certificate aims to complement students majors and concentrations in business, the arts and sciences by providing them with skills in prospecting, lead generation, customer and client relationship management, sales force supervision, sales technology, analytics, social selling and sales negotiations. The program takes a practical approach by involving sales people and executives of major corporations in the classroom. Students receive individual feedback on their presentation and sales negotiation skills. Students leave the program with the ability to represent themselves professionally in the job market and to contribute from day one.

Program Overview

The curriculum comprises four three-credit courses from among the following:

MKTG 240 Introduction to Marketing or MKTG 300 Integrated Core Marketing

Introduces students to fundamental marketing principles such as customer behavior, market research, market segmentation, branding, distribution, advertising and pricing.

MKTG 250 Professional Selling

The course prepares students to create positive first impressions, design a persuasive message, respond to objections, emphasize win-win, close a sale and do social selling. Interpersonal relations and communications skills are emphasized.  

MKTG 342 Sales Management

Students will learn the supervisory, planning, organizing, directing and motivational aspects of the sales profession. Sales remuneration and market coverage are also covered, providing students with a head start in effective sales supervision.

MKTG 443 Sales Leadership & Negotiation  

This course covers team selling in the context of large global customers requiring centralized sales support across all markets. The course provides students with coaching and individual feedback on leadership and negotiation with large customers.

Why study professional selling?

  • Excellent and growing career opportunities in sales with superior earning power.

  • Provides complementary skills to sciences, arts, communications and psychology majors seeking customer-facing jobs.

  • Provides employee relationships and supervisory skills critical for success in early career opportunities.  

Sales Careers

  • Pharmaceutical and medical equipment  

  • Software sales

  • Real estate

  • Financial advisor/investment service

  • Technology and heavy equipment Sales  

  • Sports services and equipment sales

  • Accounting and consulting services  

  • Hospitality and travel services

  • Purchasing management

Certificate Highlights

  • Opportunities to learn from high-performing salespeople and sales executives throughout the program

  • Opportunities for sales internships with major corporations

  • Access to course in salesforce.com to the super-badge level

  • Individual feedback on sales and presentation skills

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