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Many companies help mold their future employees by providing them with insight on career opportunities or helping them polish skills they need to succeed. To make certain that our students are prepared not only academically but also professionally, the Feliciano School of Business requires the completion of four zero-credit courses required for graduation that help develop these skills.  Each course in the series of “Campus to Career Transitions” targets a different area of professionalism. 

The first in the series, BUGN-310, the completion of a resume as well as activities involving interviewing and the job search.  We empower our students to perfect these tools through internships and enhance their marketability upon graduation.

BUGN-320, the second course required, continues the preparation of an “elevator pitch” and of a LinkedIn Account.  Once completed, students are asked to connect with Montclair State University – Feliciano School of Business.  This connection links our current students with our alumni and potential employers.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of these networking connections for industry advice and guidance as well as internships and entry-level job opportunities.

The third in the series of courses (BUGN-330) asks each student to conduct an “informational interview.”  Students are encouraged to reach out to our alumni beginning with our Young Professionals Board.  Business networking cards are also developed to be used at our annual Networking Reception.

The final course, BUGN-340, encourages our students to utilize all the tools developed in the earlier courses while discussing life after Montclair State University.  Topics include on-the-job etiquette as well as presentations involving our recent alumni and their “first year corporate” experiences.

The course activities are complemented by a series of optional events/presentations that all business students are invited to attend.  The events change each semester and are based upon the availability of the speakers.  These have included – but are not limited to:

  • Dining Etiquette Luncheon
  • School of Business Networking Event
  • Guest speakers including Eric Trump, Chuck Muth, VP – Sales - Honest Beverages, and Kevin Cummings, President & CEO of Investors Savings Bank (to name a few).
  • How to Network
  • Dress for Success
  • Student Loan Repayment
  • Careers with Wells Fargo
  • Lunch & Learns with Merrill Lynch and the Roseland Group
  • Careers with the Federal Government.

Our goal is to bring the connections to our students and to expose them to choices that might not be apparent.