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Businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies seek out students at the Feliciano School of Business because they possess more than academic knowledge. They have a drive to succeed and the specialized knowledge gained from working with and learning from some of the best in the business.

We partner with public and private entities that recognize that many of their future employees are currently students at Montclair State. Sometimes this means that they participate in career fairs and on-campus recruiting to find tomorrow’s rising stars. Other times they hold information sessions to introduce students to their industry.

Following is a list of ways you can connect with our students.

On-campus Interviews

Any time of the year you can schedule a few hours or an entire day at Montclair State to meet with candidates for internships or permanent positions.

Employer Panels/Information Sessions

Whether you want to give an overview of your company or prompt a discussion of your industry, Career Services at the Feliciano School of Business will help you set up an event that’s interesting and informative for all participants.

Club/Class Presentations

Facilitating discussions on topics ranging from polishing resumes to honing interview skills is a very rewarding way of helping tomorrow’s young executives. It’s also another great opportunity to network with our students.

Employer in Residence

To increase visibility on-campus, employers participate in our “Employer in Residence” program.  Employers meet individually with students to critique resumes, provide interview tips, discuss the company’s culture, and opportunities available.  Students schedule 30 minute appointments and have the undivided attention of the employer to make a connection.  

The program is promoted on our website and through direct emails to our students.  On the day the employer is in residence, the company’s logo is displayed on the monitors throughout our lobby which assists in building their brand on campus.  

To learn more about any of our programs, please contact Mariah Mayers at 973-655-3200.