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Looking for a job has been said to be a full-time job in and of itself. You need to use all avenues that are available to you. Be creative, persistent, organized, and by all means stay positive. Finding that job or internship may be a frustrating task but you will reap great rewards by being committed to the search.

10 Ways Employers Look for New Hires

  • Internships
  • On-campus recruiting
  • Career/job Fairs
  • Faculty contacts
  • Employee referrals
  • Student organizations/clubs
  • Internet job postings (campus, company, or commercial web sites)
  • Job postings to career offices (printed)
  • Resumes databases
  • Recruitment advertising (print)


Whether you are looking for an internship or an entry level job, the resources are at your fingertips.  Postings can be found on a variety of sites including those that are industry specific as well as general sites and direct company websites.  A more detailed list is included under Internet Resources.  Use all that is available to you including postings listed directly on the Feliciano School of Business site under "My Jobs"

Internships/Cooperative Education

Internships are an essential component of your college education. They allow you to obtain work experience, gain knowledge of business functions, explore a chosen career path, improve team work and communications skills, and increase marketability and value to employers. All business students are encouraged to seek internship opportunities related to their chosen field of study.

Cooperative Education is an academic internship program that allows you to earn credits while gaining invaluable work experience. This program is only open to undergraduates.  To earn credits for an internship experience, you must be registered with our office by:

  • August 15th – Fall Semester
  • January 5th – Spring Semester
  • May 1st – Summer Semester

For more details about co-op and internships in general, please contact Mariah Mayers at mayersm@mail.montclair.edu or call 973-655-3200.