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Professional development is an on-going process. It doesn’t happen overnight and should not end with your graduation.  Professional development will introduce you to the culture of business and the practices used in the corporate world. These vary by company, by industry, and by country. It is vital that you are aware of how you can best fit into the culture and learn the practices of your company industry and of the country in which you do business.

SBUS Career Services focuses on various elements of professional development. 

We begin with your awareness to various industries and careers and how this relates to your individual interests, skills, and abilities.   

  • What industries need your particular skills?
  • What career paths can you take within your chosen industry? 
  • What industries and job titles will be most in demand in the future? 
  • What draws you to a particular industry or career path?

The next element of your professional development focuses on your image.

  • How do you present yourself in formal and informal situations? These situations may include the job interview, a lunch meeting, or the company holiday party.
  • How do you present yourself in both written and oral communications? These communications include your résumé, e-mail communications, annual reports, presentations, introductions, conferences and more.

To guarantee that our students are achieving this goal, we require the completion of four zero-credit courses designed to help you develop the tools to succeed in your career.  To begin your path to success, please review Campus to Career Transition and refer to it throughout your career at MSU.