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Our clubs and organizations offer a great blend of networking, professional opportunities and fun. Connect with students who share your interests and start building your own career network!

Accounting Society

The Accounting Society’s mission is to assist students in the role of accountancy and further develop the knowledge of the profession. Also have the opportunity to meet with potential employers and earn a strong credential toward future endeavors.

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Epsilon Delta Epsilon (ΕΔΕ)

Epsilon Delta Epsilon is a Professional Honors Society for the Feliciano School of Business that is committed to “Excellence in Developing Entrepreneurs”. Today, Epsilon Delta Epsilon (EDE) focuses on entrepreneurship, professionalism, academic excellence, and leadership. We are a Professional Honors Society dedicated to recognizing and rewarding students who pursue one or all of these focuses.

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Financial Management & Economics Society (FMES)

The Financial Management & Economics Society is a Class II student organization that focuses on teaching students ‘real world’ financial management. The Club isn‘t all business though. Another major element of the club is the formation of bonds and friendships with fellow schoolmates. FMES joins students at Montclair State University from all majors and cultures. The Financial Management & Economic Society welcomes everyone!

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International Business Society (IBS)

The IBS offers academic and professional support to students interested in pursuing a career in International Business. IB Society is not only determined to enrich the college experience, but to create a smoother transition in to the global market place. IBS provides students with the opportunity to explore business events and activities that bridges the gap between classroom learning and performance in the real business world. Our goal is to work a group while providing opportunities for individual skill enhancement.

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Management Club

The Management Club is a class IV organization of the Student Government Association (SGA) focused on developing business students networking techniques, skill building, as well as management practices.

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Marketing Association

If you are interested in Marketing, Advertising, professional networking, professional development, working with other student organizations, working for your community, creative expression, event planning, and/or simply being a part of a group of dedicated students seeking to grow and learn then you are in the right place! The MSU Marketing Association is a student organization dedicated to the fields of Marketing and Advertising. It is our goal to expose as many students as possible to these fields and encourage students to practice their skills in preparation for the future.

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New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA)

By joining Montclair State Student Chapter of NYSSA you will have the opportunity to network with more than 11,000 well placed and established financial professionals. You will have access to professional and career development programs. You will have access to discounted CFA preparation courses. You will also get discounts on your CFA exams. As a member of NYSSA you can also be selected to compete at the CFA® Research Challenge.

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Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE)

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) is the international honor society in the field of economics, and this is Montclair State University's independent chapter launched in Spring 2017. Our guiding mission is "Honoring achievement in economics worldwide," and this chapter focuses on edifying the student body through understanding economic foundations and having critical discussions on the global economy and its effects on an integrated world.

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Sports, Events and Tourism Club

To help the Montclair State University student body gain experience, strengthen their resumes and start to network with different professionals in the Sports, Events and Tourism industries. The Purpose of this organization is to educate the student body of Montclair State University about the Sports, Events, and Tourism Industries. We educate the student body through events on and off campus. This organization also promotes the concentration in the Feliciano School of Business.

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