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Who we are

The Data Driven Student Alliance is an SGA Class III organization that welcomes students from any major who share an interest in data science, business analytics, and the implications of big data in the world today. Whether you already have exposure in the field and are looking to take your skills to the next level or you are completely new to the idea of data science and are curious to learn more, we encourage you to join! Please send us an email (email listed below) and we will add you to the mailing list to provide you with a constantly updated schedule of all events.

What we aim to accomplish

The Data Driven Student Alliance aims to create a community for students with shared interests in data science and analytics, and in so doing encourage collaborative learning in the field. The Data Driven Student Alliance provides students with knowledge of online resources to self-teach, and will host skills workshops throughout the semester. In addition to this, the Data Driven Student Alliance aims to aid students with securing full time jobs post-graduation. This is done through guest speaker events, which focus on alumni who secured jobs in the fields of data science and business analytics.

Contact Info

Email: MSUDDSA@gmail.com

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @MSUDDSA
Instagram: @MSUDDA