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What is the Economics Honor Society?

The Economics Honor Society of Montclair State University is a chapter of the Omicron Delta
Epsilon Honor Society. Our purpose is to serve prestigious recognition to the students who have
excelled in their studies of Economics. As well as, provide opportunities for students who seek
to pursue their passion in their studies. With over 600 chapters all over the nation, our members
of the Society hold a strong desire to expand their interests in Economics and beyond through
special event trips, interactive meetings/discussions, and more!

What is the goal of the Economics Honor Society?

Our society strives to build a community of like-minded students who earned their academic
accomplishments in their studies of Economics. Our members will be granted the chance to
further their experience in their studies beyond the lectures and classrooms. We want to be able
to enhance our member’s professional reputation by delivering prestigious recognition, as a
member, of our Honor Society. Ultimately, we are aiming to emphasize the professional aspects
of economics as a career field for services in real-world organizations, businesses, international
relations, and governments.

How does becoming a member of the Economics Honor Society enhance a student's
college experience?

As an academic organization, we seek to make a remarkable impact on our member's
professional development and success path. Thus, our society will gather as much as we could
to make our members grow and expand their perspective of what it means to be an active
honors student. Our meetings hold such value that our members will be able to engage in
meaningful conversations and connections with each other. As well as, hold interactive
meetings where each member will be able to take an effective role to support themselves and
the honor society overall. Lastly, our members will be able to physically express their scholastic
achievements by earning graduation certificates, chords, and a letter of recommendation from
the Chair of the Economics Department.

Contact Information
For any questions regarding the society, please feel free to reach out to us at