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All majors are welcomed, yet EDE has 4 primary disciplines: Marketing, Retailing, International Business and Sports, Events & Tourism. 


  • At least 30 academic credits and a GPA of 3.2 or higher (For freshmen negotiations are possible)
  • Member Form

The Point-System

  • 20 Points for returning Active Members
  • 25 Points for New Members

What is the Point-System?

In order to be considered an “Active Member” and receive all of the advantages that active members receive, each member must complete the required points for every semester. Therefore, at the end of each academic year new members should have accumulated 50 points and returning members should have accumulated 40 points. Expectations on point accumulation are a lot higher for new members. EDE Members can accumulate these points any number of ways by attending General Meetings, Brother & Sister Events, CEO events, Entrepreneur/Professional Events (ex. a Conference or event within the Business School) and/or community service & bake sales.

Membership Fees

  • One life-time fee of $80 for Novice Entrepreneurs (New Members): EDE Lettered T-Shirt, EDE Certificate & gifts by E-Board during Induction. 
  • Semester Fees of $25 for Dedicated Entrepreneurs (Active Members): requirement to be considered an “Active Member”

Members who are not active during their year of graduation do not receive Honor Cords for graduation and can not apply for any awards