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The Finance Society is currently a professional student organization Class III of the Student Government Association, at Montclair State University.

The purpose of the Finance Society is to aid the student body in becoming more knowledgeable, business savvy, and proficient with personal finances in the areas of securities, investments, basic real estate and mortgage information, credit cards, financial aid, debt management, marketing, and other financial investments. After becoming proficient in all aspects of personal finances, we strive to share our knowledge and educated our fellow members. We educate our members about Real Estate, Mortgages, Identity Theft, Hedge Funds as well as Mutual Funds. Additionally, we sponsor a variety of events such as: NYSE,  Federal Reserve, Museum of Financial History, Community Service and Jeopardy.

The Finance Society isn’t all business though.  Another major element of the club is the formation of friendships with fellow schoolmates.  The Finance Society connects students at Montclair State University from a variety majors and cultures.  The Finance Society welcomes everyone!  Whether you are looking for a good place to learn what it takes to buy your first home, smart ways to invest, or you just want to meet some interesting people, The Finance Society is the place for you!

Membership is open to all fee-paying undergraduates mandated by the Student Government Organization.

Contact Us

E-Mail: fmes@mail.montclair.edu