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The IBS offers academic and professional support to students interested in pursuing a career in International Business. IB Society is not only determined to enrich the college experience, but to create a smoother transition in to the global market place. IBS provides students with the opportunity to explore business events and activities that bridges the gap between classroom learning and performance in the real business world. Our goal is to work a group while providing opportunities for individual skill enhancement.

The International Business Society is a student led organization that:

  • Promotes awareness of the global business environment
  • Offers a platform to connect with business students from all around the world
  • Provides academic and professional support to students interested in pursuing a career in International Business.
  • Encourages students to develop leadership skills.
  • Help students enrich their total learning experience through educational trips, presentations and great speakers.

The International Business Society upholds an organizational culture that creates a sense of community and teamwork focused on providing our members with long-lasting friendships, knowledge, leadership opportunities and cultural awareness. We are looking for people with different backgrounds to ensure a cultural diversity in our organization. After all, we think globally and encourage you to explore each other’s cultures. We also offer support and career guidance to the International Business majors of Montclair State University.

The IBS upholds an organizational culture that allows every individual to achieve his/her maximum potential by participating in goal-oriented programs. The structure of the organization is centered on the idea that students should develop a close relationship with their peer group, advisors, and business community to realize their potential. The society is always open to suggestions, and encourages members to contribute their thoughts and ideas. All students interested in networking with a diverse group of individuals are welcome to join and take advantage of leadership opportunities. At the beginning of each academic year, new members are recruited to fill Executive Board positions.

Our general meetings are held on Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. in University Hall, Room 2046