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The Management Club is a class III organization of the Student Government Association (SGA) focused on developing business students networking techniques, skill building, as well as management practices.

The purpose of this organization is to cultivate student’s management skills for immediate and future professional use. Additionally, the Management Club strives to establish great leaders who will use their valuable experience to benefit themselves as well as others. The skills we will choose to focus on will help students’ on a professional as well as personal basis.

The management club is open to all majors in addition to students who are interested in enhancing their talents and credentials through interactive workshops and events. The Management Club is a recent addition to the School of Business clubs. Currently, we have over 40 active members and are looking to build our organization. If you are interested in becoming a member join us at one of our weekly meetings. We provide each member the opportunity to participate as an E-board member as well as through our various committees such as marketing and technology.  As a new and growing club, we are open to new ideas from all members as everyone’s role is important.

While, we do have a ton of fun with our events and workshops, we mean business. The Management club is designed to help students succeed.

If you are interested in joining a new, exciting organization filled with members serious about their future and development then the Management Club is the club for you!

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