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Marketing Club  

If you are interested in Marketing, Advertising, professional networking, professional development, working with other student organizations, working for your community, creative expression, event planning, and/or simply being a part of a group of dedicated students seeking to grow and learn then you are in the right place! 

As a member of our organization, you will be exposed to exciting internship opportunities, speakers with real-world marketing experience, as well as hands on marketing games and challenges.

Members are not required to be business or marketing majors; we welcome all who wish to enhance their Marketing and Advertising knowledge. We are a group that encourages creativity and the expression of each individual’s opinion. We also aim to teach members how to market themselves as an individual, which will help substantially in the business world. It is our goal to offer Montclair State University students the opportunity to join an organization through which they can grow both professionally and socially.

To join or simply learn more about the Marketing Club, we encourage you to join us  every Wednesday at 1:30pm-2:30pm.


  • Enhance leadership skills within students to prepare them for the future
  • Give students responsibilities through various projects to improve their ability to work in a team environment
  • Allow students to creatively express themselves through event planning and promotion
  • Create programs to inform and teach students about the various fields relating to Marketing and Advertising.
  • Create links between students and professionals to give students a head start in career planning and development

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Email: marketingassociationmsu@gmail.com