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As a Business student, you are required to use a Windows PC or have access to the Windows operating system which represents a large part of the applications that you will use on campus: working on assignments, completing Internet research, mastering hands-on instruction in class, communicating with your instructor or team members electronically, accessing the many instructional resources of Canvas, and for a host of other activities as well. Your on-campus computer usage is expected to increase, as your professors put more and more of the instructional information you need online. Ownership of a laptop computer is a requirement for all students majoring in Business Administration at Montclair State University.

  • In addition to meeting your need for access to a computer, we believe that a laptop may benefit you in other ways:
    • Your basic computer skills, office productivity skills, and software applications skills will be improved, making you more employable.
    • Your learning will be enhanced, as you will be able to make more effective and flexible use of campus resources for better studying and course preparation, including any time you have available between your classes.

The required laptop should be one meeting very specific minimum specifications.

Your ability to benefit from owning a laptop depends on the software you have available, and the availability of software depends on the capabilities of your hardware. For that reason, the laptop specifications are such that your laptop will need to be able to run all the software used in your concentration. There are a number of ways you can get a laptop with the right software.

If you do not have a laptop, please click here to find information about how to purchase laptop.